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Nikkei Nanka Game 2014

Nikkei Nanka Game 2014

Nikkei Nanka Game 2014

Nikkei Nanka Game 2014

Nikkei Nanka Game 2014

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Proper Care for a Karate Gi
Wash After Every Use - Wash the uniform after each training session. You should never wear your Karate uniform to training sessions two times in a row without washing it. If you allow it to stand over night, it will cause bacterial build-up on the material which will be difficult to remove even after wash.

Do Not Use Mechanical Dryers - We recommend you to hang dry the uniform after wash. In humid environments, your karate uniform may require two days to completely dry. You’ll need to purchase two or three karate uniforms in that case, because you cannot wear it repeatedly without washing it.

Do Not Bleach - Using chlorine bleach on your cotton uniform will get it clean, but bleach is a strong base, so it will damage the material, causing the stitching to come apart. For longer lasting use, please do not use bleach. Please hand wash using mild soap on parts where it needs to be cleaned.

Pre-soak Your Karate Gi - Follow correct laundry procedures. Start the washer so that it begins to fill with water. Put detergent (mild soap preferred) in immediately, and allow the detergent to dissolve into the water. After the washing machine has nearly completed filling with water, add your karate uniform You should also try to wash it with some other white items such as towels, because washing it alone will reduce the friction cleaning effect of modern day washing machines. Turn off the washing machine and allow your karate gi to soak in the soapy water for at least 20 minutes. Then start the washer again and allow it to begin its wash cycle.

Hang Dry Immediately - When the wash cycle is complete, hang your karate gi to dry right away. Do not leave the uniform wet inside the washing machine for more than a hour as it will cause bacterial build up.
Fold Properly When Dry - When your uniform has finished drying, straighten the material by stretching softly and fold it so that it will keep the material from wrinkles. We do not recommend ironing the uniform.

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Our Favorite Photos
Please send us your favorite pictures with our uniforms.

Eric Goslau Sensei.

Robenson Dorvil Sensei 2.

American Self-Defense Club

Laurel Karate Club

Redlands Karate Dojo, Brisbane, Australia

Gerry and Tamar


Sam Jaquinta

Sam Jaquinta

Mugen Orange label uniform

Mugen Black label uniform

Mugen Orange label uniform

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